National & Regional News Briefs

By Kelvin Marshall Aeromexico – Will fly Mexico City to Managua starting on December 10th of this year. Managua passengers will then be able to connect to more destinations all over the world.As well, both countries are looking forward to improved bilateral relations and commercial traffic between the two capitals will add to the touristslooking […]


Dept. of Rivas PLC

                                                                                                                                                                                   Department of Rivas, Municipal PLC Presidents meet in SJdS Germán Sandino Pérez (Municipal President – PLC Party & Member of the SJdS Municipal Council) Aiming to celebrate the holidays and set strategies for the organization of the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC by its acronym in Spanish), the Presidents had a meeting in the Municipality […]

New Market for San Juan del Sur On September the 10th, some 32 traders in the market of the Municipality of San Juan del Sur learned of the plans for the construction project to create a new market. The municipal government project management requested input from those present in relation to the best way for construction work to proceed. Angelita Vallejo, […]

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Unfair Competition

Unfair Competition Kelvin Marshall – Del Sur News Following an El Nuevo Diario regarding unfair competition in San Juan del Sur, the organization called PROCOMPETENCIA met last week with leaders from the local commerce and trade chambers of CANTUR, CANATUR and also the Tourist Cabinet to discuss the issues raised in the article. ProCompetencia […]

Shigella – Shigellosis

A recent and serious case of this infection was reported here in San Jun del Sur and highlights the need to observe frequent hand washing with food and water safety precautions. Shigellosis is an acute infection of the intestine caused by one of 4 species of bacteria from the genus Shigella; Shigella dysenteriae, S. flexneri, […]

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The Artificial Reef

The emergence of life that clings to and makes the reef its home is impressive. Thanks to the vision of FANSA (Christian Lemouche – Luis Contreras) and the excellent underwater photography of the Dive Nicaragua team (Fabio Buitrago & Edgar Balbuena) we can get a glimpse into the development of the marine ecosystem on an […]

Fish Prices Down Some 40 panga fishermen from of San Juan del Sur are being affected by the commercialization policies of the wholesalers and exporters of seafood and fish who have caused prices fall for the fish producers in the area confirmed Alejandro Santana (General Secretary of the Federation of Fishermen) on September 12th. Santana said that […]

Southern Tourist Route

María Silva – Del Sur News On the 7th of September, the Municipal Government of San Juan del Sur took delegates from tourism operators and journalists on a familiarization tour of the Ostional community as part of the special patriotic plan “Nicaragua Mía 2014″, in order to promote San Juan del Sur as a rural […]

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Around town with…Roof Dog

Central American Independence Weekend On Sunday the 14th September, there will be a formal event at 7am on the Malecon (near BDF) to start the proceedings, followed by a march around the town made up of the student marching bands in a Patriotic Parade. The 14th is also the day Nicaragua commemorates the Battle of […]

National & Regional News Briefs

By Kelvin Marshall US Visas – New Fees; Nonimmigrant and immigrant visa application fees for certain visa categories will change on September 12, 2014. All visa applicants must pay the fee amounts in effect on the day they pay, with the exception of Immigrant Visa application processing feespaid domestically to the National Visa Center (NVC), […]

Music & Entertainment Guide

FRIDAY 12th September Black Whale: LIVE MUSIC Los Pobrecitos CHA CHA CHA – LIVE MUSIC; Adolfo y Rapalo on Jazz Guitar Dorado’s Sports Bar: Dance party-DJ Lisa Brown Howler: LIVE MUSIC Mystery Promotions Night – 9 pm. O’SHEA’S – Classic 70’s Rock – DJ from Texas 7pm to 11pm Pelican Eyes: JAZZ & BLUES NIGHT […]


New Business SAN JUAN del SUR PHYSICAL THERAPY / PHYSIOTHERAPY DO YOU HAVE? Pain during or after surfing or an activity. Pain & stiffness in the mornings. Decreased flexibility & /Or Pain with movement. Muscle Imbalance &/or Pain. Cramping. Back or Neck pain. Do you have a recurring injury Or an injury that returns after […]

Construction Professionals Complain On September 8th 2014, more than 200 construction professionals, civil engineers and project managers reported that they are running out of work in the Municipality of San Juan del Sur and blame the majority of foreign investors who are constructing buildings in the tourist town and rejecting the skilled labor in the area. Ing. […]

Around Town with…Roof Dog

Sushi “La Barra” Sushi Restaurant has now re-opened after renovations which includes an expansion of the space. Come check it out just around the corner from El Gato Negro towards the Uno gas station. Bazar Lucia has moved into the renovated space that was behind them (the old Handyman location) and the space that was […]


National & Regional News Briefs

By Kelvin Marshall Gildan Sews Up Expansion – Already the biggest employer in the Department of Rivas, Gildan Textiles is have announced an increase in production which will require up to 700 new employees in 2015″. Gildan is a Canadian owned company that started in 2004 in San Marcos, then added Rivas and also Masatepe […]

New Case of Chikungunya Last Wednesday, August 27th, the Nicaraguan health authorities reported the existence of a new case of the Chikungunya virus, which makes a total of eight affected by this disease. The First Lady and Council of Communication and Citizenship Coordinator ; Rosario Murillo reported that the patient is a 32 year old Nicaraguan who was […]


Apertura de Aplicación a Becas 2015

Education * Oportunidad * Comunidad Apertura de Aplicación a Becas 2015   La Fundación informa a los jóvenes del municipio de San Juan del Sur que ya están abierta lasaplicaciones a becas para las siguientes carreras: Medicina Medicina Veterinaria Enfermería Sicología Sociología Trabajo Social Agronomía ———- Cupo Limitado ———- Fecha de inicio de aplicación: 05 […]