Learn Spanish by Living Spanish

Local Business Feature Spanish Ya Spanish School opened on the 18th of May 2008 with its first students, a small group from the United States and England. Since the school opened its doors we have experienced rapid growth and popularity in Nicaragua. Over the years we have received students from Alaska, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, […]


National & Regional News Briefs

By Kelvin Marshall Native Seeds to Combat Drought – Native seeds are a viable solution to growing food in the dry seasons or drought. The Nicaraguan Union of Farmers and Ranchers (UNAG) has a program that is “sowing the word” in an attempt to strengthen the local knowledge on native varieties. It’s a tougher sell […]

Music & Entertainment Guide

FRIDAY 29th August Black Whale: LIVE MUSIC Los Pobrecitos Dorado’s Sports Bar: Dance party-DJ Lisa Brown Howler: LIVE MUSIC Mystery Promotions Night – 9 pm. Pelican Eyes: LIVE MUSIC 7pm – Paella Night – La Furgoneta Gitana Surf Casino: Poker Cash game 0,50/$1 SATURDAY 30th August Big Wave Daves Farmers Market – Every Saturday – […]

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Latin American Journalists Forum

pabloplaguna@hotmail.com On August 20th 2014, some 60 journalists from Latin America gathered in San Jose, Costa Rica with the aim of participating in the first international forum of journalists organized in trade unions with the slogan “Twenty-first Century: Opportunity, Innovation and Integration”. Nicaragua participated with some 13 journalists organized under the College of Journalists of […]

Poker School and Games in San Juan del Sur

  What is poker? It’s a card game best-known for the game of Texas Hold ‘|Em. Each player is dealt two cards and in the center of the table is five community cards; the winner is the one who makes up the best combination of five cards between their hand and the community cards. Germán […]


Central Skate Camp

The Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort just outside San Juan Del Sur has pulled off another first for skateboarding in Nicaragua with the announcement that the Central Skate Camp will feature professional skateboarder Chico Brenes who has been bringing a lot of pro skaters down to Nicaragua for private and semi-private video shoots, demos and […]


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Disturbance at ‘Plaza de Arte’ in San Juan del Sur

pabloplaguna@hotmail.com On the 13th of August at about 4:40pm, four street persons that originated from Managua, the Atlantic coast and San Juan del Sur caused a disturbance in the area of the Plaza de Arte at the north end of the city, said Amanda Potosme aged 27 who sells handicrafts at the plaza. Potosme said […]

CHICABRAVA Camp Bella Charity Camp 2014

“A surfing and empowerment experience to help the young women of Nicaragua” CHICABRAVA Camp Bella was created in 2012 by Ashley Blaylock, and Sarah Powers as a way to help empower young women that have come out of sex trafficking and prostitution in Nicaragua. Following the huge success of the first camp, CHICABRAVA decided to […]

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First Diving Course Completed

pabloplaguna@hotmail.com On the 14th of August, seven young people between the ages of 12 to 25 years, from San Juan del Sur completed their first course on diving techniques taught by the national diving school; DIVE Nicaragua. Fabio Buitrago, Director of the school said that he has a goal of training 40 students in the […]

Law 502 Municipal Commissions Sworn In

pabloplaguna@hotmail.com The authorities of the National Commission of the Law of the Municipal Administrative Career (Ley 502) were sworn in on the 15th of August in all ten Municipal Commissions in the Department of Rivas. Present were; Sandi Peralta – Director of the Municipal Administrative Career Program, Rudy Acevedo – Delegate of the Nicaraguan Institute […]

Union Leaders Trained on INSS Refo

pabloplaguna@hotmail.com Some 50 leaders organized in the National Workers Front (FNT by its acronym in Spanish) gathered in the City of Managua on Wednesday the 13th of August in order to receive training on the reforms to the Social Security Law of Nicaragua (INSS) and the latest changes to the regulation of this law. The […]

SJdS Sports Park

Alejandro Jose Noguera Castro – Comunidad Connect Comunidad Connect is proud to share that in this year alone 14,494 hours of games have been played in the sports park, including 272 participating #athletes. The #Sports Park is Comunidad Connect’s first and most visible community asset. Comunidad Connect recognized a need for a safe, structured and […]

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Commerce Chambers and Tourism Cabinet Unite

By María Auxiliadora Silva and Sergio Corrales The SJdS Chapter of CANATUR (National Chamber of Tourism Commerce) board have held meetings since July 3rd with the Municipal Office of Tourism (Tourism Cabinet) and CANTUR (SJdS Chamber of Tourism Commerce) at El Timón in SJdS in order to discuss and explore the possibility of joining efforts […]

National & Regional News Briefs

By Kelvin Marshall   PPP (PLI/PLC Party) – The PLI (Partido Liberal Independiente) and the PLC(Partido Liberal Constitucionalista)have signed an agreement which outlines the framework of a union of the two parties which will focus on the things that unite them and not the old disagreements from the past that pulled them apart. The agreement, […]


SJdS Road Sign Project

On the 6th of August, at Centro Cívico, Comisionado Gilberto Solís from the National Police gave the first formal presentation of the San Juan del Sur Road Sign Project to about forty tourist businesses and members of the transport and taxi sectors. The presentation was prepared under the direction of the NATIONAL TRAFFIC SAFETY MANAGEMENT […]


This Wednesday, August 20th, the Parish of San Juan Bautista, San Juan del Sur will receive the Bishop of our Diocese (Granada) Monsignor Jorge Solórzano Pérez pastor. This is a “Canonical” visit, and one that our Bishop is obliged to make and its purpose is to have a paternal and caring effect to all those […]


Los Pipitos of San Juan del Sur

On Saturday August 9th, we selected the Electoral Committee who will coordinate the process of the election of the new Board of Directors of Los Pipitos – San Juan del Sur Chapter said Luis Castillo, currently responsible for the Pipitos SJdS sports program. The organization of the election process will last 45 days. The voter […]

Rotary Club Motorcycle Course

Learn to Drive like a Professional Do you want to improve your motorcycle driving skills? A motorcycle safety course is being developed by the San Juan del Sur Rotary Club. The course is free and will include both theoretical and practical components. Exact dates and times have not been determined but will be announced shortly. […]


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New Local Manager for Fundación A. Jean Brugger

  The Fundación A. Jean Brugger would like to formally thank Priscilla Urcuyo for her tremendous four years of work at the foundation and wish her the best for the future. Welcome to Vilma Bustos, our new Office and Communications Manager in Nicaragua.She started her work career as a teenager in San Juan del Sur […]