Commerce Chambers and Tourism Cabinet Unite

By María Auxiliadora Silva and Sergio Corrales The SJdS Chapter of CANATUR (National Chamber of Tourism Commerce) board have held meetings since July 3rd with the Municipal Office of Tourism (Tourism Cabinet) and CANTUR (SJdS Chamber of Tourism Commerce) at El Timón in SJdS in order to discuss and explore the possibility of joining efforts […]

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National & Regional News Briefs

By Kelvin Marshall   PPP (PLI/PLC Party) – The PLI (Partido Liberal Independiente) and the PLC(Partido Liberal Constitucionalista)have signed an agreement which outlines the framework of a union of the two parties which will focus on the things that unite them and not the old disagreements from the past that pulled them apart. The agreement, […]

SJdS Road Sign Project

On the 6th of August, at Centro Cívico, Comisionado Gilberto Solís from the National Police gave the first formal presentation of the San Juan del Sur Road Sign Project to about forty tourist businesses and members of the transport and taxi sectors. The presentation was prepared under the direction of the NATIONAL TRAFFIC SAFETY MANAGEMENT […]



This Wednesday, August 20th, the Parish of San Juan Bautista, San Juan del Sur will receive the Bishop of our Diocese (Granada) Monsignor Jorge Solórzano Pérez pastor. This is a “Canonical” visit, and one that our Bishop is obliged to make and its purpose is to have a paternal and caring effect to all those […]

Los Pipitos of San Juan del Sur

On Saturday August 9th, we selected the Electoral Committee who will coordinate the process of the election of the new Board of Directors of Los Pipitos – San Juan del Sur Chapter said Luis Castillo, currently responsible for the Pipitos SJdS sports program. The organization of the election process will last 45 days. The voter […]



Rotary Club Motorcycle Course

Learn to Drive like a Professional Do you want to improve your motorcycle driving skills? A motorcycle safety course is being developed by the San Juan del Sur Rotary Club. The course is free and will include both theoretical and practical components. Exact dates and times have not been determined but will be announced shortly. […]

New Local Manager for Fundación A. Jean Brugger

  The Fundación A. Jean Brugger would like to formally thank Priscilla Urcuyo for her tremendous four years of work at the foundation and wish her the best for the future. Welcome to Vilma Bustos, our new Office and Communications Manager in Nicaragua.She started her work career as a teenager in San Juan del Sur […]

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Rivas Fishermen Trained in Dive Techniques Some 40 fishermen from the Pacific Coast area of San Juan del Sur, Ostional and Tola commenced a training course in diving techniques by Dive Nicaragua said Elba Mora, a guide with Arrecife. Mora said that the training for divers will start on August the 11th with the first group of 10 students from […]

Sandinista Party Meeting About 700 FSLN members from San Juan del Sur and Rivas gathered in the Auditoriums of the Civic Centre here and in Rivas last Friday August 8th in order to address the current situation in the country and their own localities. The assemblies invited the Departmental Political Secretary; Alexander Cardoza Bello as well as […]

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Institute Chooses School Queen for 2014 About 400 students from the National Emmanuel Mongalo and Rubio Institute here in San Juan del Sur participated in the coronation of the 2014 School Queen activity, the choice being made on August 8th at the school auditorium. The students enjoyed an exciting morning filled with culture and showed the joy and tradition […]

Around Town with Roof Dog

  Daina Marija Platais is the owner of the new home furnishings and accessories store called “Amano” in Casa Marina next to the BDF bank. Furniture, accessories and lights all handmade here in Nicaragua and they do custom work.   Cell Shop, the cell phone shop that used to be next to Pepe’s Motorbike rentals […]

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National & Regional News Briefs

By Kelvin Marshall Central American Drought – The El Nino conditions are causing havoc across the region which is finally taking steps to lessen the impact of cattle dying as well as corn and bean crops failing. Some countries in the region are now permitting the import of U.S. corn in addition to beans from […]

Sanjuaneña Family Continues to be Threatened On Thursday the July 31st of July, the family Mendoza Dinarte, owners of a property located east of Barrio Talanguera in San Juan del Sur denounced actions of the those continuing to invade their property and who on Wednesday the 30th of July at 5:30 pm arrived in a gang with Claudio Morales Arana […]

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Shipwreck in the Bay of San Juan del Sur On the morning of July 30th, Jesús Antonio López Mora, a 71-year-old fisherman and Sanjuaneño known as “La Bonga” complained about the dangers that exist from the hull of a fishing vessel which has been half buried in the bay of San Juan del Sur for about 35 years (originally sunk in bad […]

Rotary Club – San Juan del Sur

During the month of July, all 3rd grade students in SJdS received a LaRouche Scholastic Dictionary thanks to the San Juan del Sur Rotary Club. In June, special collections had been organized in town to collect funds for the project. A big thanks to all who donated to the cause and making this project a […]

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The Humboldt Center Canal Meeting  On this last Saturday, August 2nd, almost 200 citizens from the Department of Rivas gathered in the Auditorium of the Grand Rivense, invited by the Humboldt Center, in order to hear a report on the environmental impact of the construction of the interoceanic Canal Grand. Presenters Mónica Baltodano y Maura Paladino, both officials of […]

Bees Struggling in Drought Conditions

The drought caused by the El Niño conditions has had an effect on the honey bee population. The lack of flower nectar needed to make honey is a cause of some real concern for the producers. Typically, the rainy season produces an abundant supply of wildflowers (as well as those from agricultural production) and is […]



The International Youth Day

The General Assembly of the United Nations declared the 12th of August as The International Youth Day through resolution #54/120 in 1999, complying with the recommendation of the World Conference of Ministers of Youth Affairs made a year earlier. On August 12th, 2014 youth day will be an opportunity to get the attention of the […]

Watershed 72 Gender Workshop

On July 31st, the second gender workshop aimed at women from the Committee of the Watershed #72 (originating from San Juan del Sur, Cardenas and Tola) was held in coordination with the German Cooperation at the National Water Authority offices located 50 meters north of the Municipal Council Offices in San Juan del Sur. The […]


Union News – Law 502   Some 50 members of the Departmental Commission of Law 502 (the law governing relationships between municipal officials and local governments of the 153 municipalities of the country) gathered on Monday July 28th in the ALBA Auditorium in Managua with the objective of assessing the implementation of the law in the municipalities. The members […]